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 -Removes cores 3/4" w x 2 1/2" deep

 -Do not rake up cores

 -Cores will break down in 10 to 14 days

 -Reduces lawn compaction

 -Increases and deepens root growth

 -Enhances soil water uptake

 -Reduces water run-off

 -Enhances drought resistance


 -Loosens soil surface

 -Leaves small grooves in soil surface

 -Helps create grass seed to soil contact when overseeding

 -Helps thicken existing lawn

 Slit Seeding

 -Creates rows in the soil 1" apart

 -Deposits grass seed into the rows

 -Creates new lawn area

 -Thickens existing lawn


 -Application of grass seed by broadcast spreader

 -Best if applied after aerating or verti-cutting

 -Thickens existing lawn

 -Verti-cutter lifts thatch from root zone of lawn and lays thatch on top of lawn for light raking

 -Equivalent to heavy duty raking

 *Note - does not include raking up or removal of thatch

 -Removes thatch layer

 -Enhances water and fertilizer penetration

 -Reduces chance of fungus growth


 -50% slow release granular with 1% iron

 -Blended with naturally occurring ingredients

 -Water lawn with 1" of water

 -Do not cut lawn for 24 hours

 -Provides essential nutrients

 -Increases root growth

 -Promotes resistance to infestations of insects, weeds and other diseases

 -Iron proves quick green-up

 Tree & Shrub Fertilizing

 -Soluable fertilizer

 -Applied to foliage and roots of shrubs and trees

 -Improved plant growth

 -Improved plant resistance to drought, insect and fungus problems

 Horticulture Vinegar

 -Naturally produced from plants

 -Contains 20% acetic acid

 -Will not harm earth worms or beneficial bacteria and fungi

 -Will not persist and build up harmful soil    residues

 -An alternative to round-up

 -Kills unwanted grass and weeds
 Soil Test

 -Soil samples taken from various locations on lawn

 -Recommended for lawns with continual problems

 -Results indicate what lawn is lacking
 Granular Compost  -Plant based compost

 -Increases soil water holding capacity, thus increasing drought resistance

 -Increases soil nutrient holding capacity, maximizing plant nutrient uptake

 Granular K-mag  -Premium fertilizer  -Helps the uptake of potassium, magnesium and sulfur, improving the complete health of grass plants
 Granular PH Increaser  -Soil amendment  -Increases PH when soil test indicates low PH levels
 Granular PH Decreaser  -Soil amendment  -Decreases PH when soil test indicates high PH levels
 Granular Salt Stopper  -Removes salt from soil

 -Improves salt damage from winter salt

 -Reduces damage of dog urine on lawn

 -Reduces some weeds that thrive in high salt soil

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